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10 Developers Condos, Tamarindo beach

Sale Price: : $1,308,560
ID # : 4889
Agent : Lindsey Cantillo
Purpose : For Sale
Property Type : Commercial, Building, Hotel, Residential, Condo/Apartment, Multi Family Building
Location : Guanacaste - Tamarindo
Floor(s) : 3
Bedroom(s) : 7
Full Bathroom(s) : 18
Garage(s) : 16
Construction Area : 1,200.00 m² / 12,916.69 ft²
Lot Size : 2,500.00 m² / 26,909.78 ft²

A full package from developer, selling their 10 condo units at one single package right in Tamarindo and ready for a resale.

For individual sale or as package. 2 units on gray construction to be completed during the selling process or for sale for a very reduced price as they currently are.

Only 4 blocks walking distance to the beach, and only 2 blocks to facilities. These are ready to move in condos.
Titled and fully furnished & equipped, pool and garden areas, only 300 meters from Tamarindo Beach! Each room with A/C, safe and fully equipped kitchen. Also features bathroom, closet, they are fully furnished. Also offer: laundry service, private parking and 24h security.

GREAT INCOME PRODUCER AS WELL! Private booking arrangements with 2 of the Spanish local schools, which brings students all year long to the Tamarindo beach area. Condominiums are booked 12 months of the year.
There are a total of 9 units sold, privately owned and managed by the current condominium association. Each unit features a private patio overlooking the garden and our beautiful swimming pool, complete with BBQ. Different units available, 1-2 or 3 bedrooms. Ocean views or pool views. Brand new, and ready to continue with this magnificent rental program. Please inquire for ROI numbers to our office.

Here in Detail of the units included with the developer package, this are the listing prices and developer is offering a 20% discount for selling them all together, or individually:

(1) 01-FF-1A Aguamarina 1 apart. 50.08m / 2-2 bedrooms $127.500
(2) 02-FF-2A Ámbar 1 apart. 50.08m / 2-2 bedrooms $127.500
(3) 06-FF-1B Berilo 1 apart. 50.08m / 2-2 bedrooms (1st.floor) $127.500
(4) 08-FF-1C Cuarzo 1 apart. 36.6m / 2-1 bedroom (1st.floor) $89.800
(5) 12-FF-5C Marfil 1 apart. 57.10m / 2-1 bedroom (1st.floor) $151.300
(6) 13-FF-6C Nácar 1 apart. 36.6m / 2 -1 bedroom (2nd.floor) $89.800
(7) 16-FF-9C Rubí 1 apart. 47.30m / 2-2 bedrooms (2nd.floor) $116.000
(8) 17-FF-10C GRAY CONSTRUCTION TO BE COMPLETED DURING THE SALE Topacio 1 apart. 121.75m / 2-2/3 bedrooms/3bathrooms 2nd. + 3rd. floo $343.000

(9) 18-FF-11C Turmalina 1 apart. 70.10m / 2-2 bedr. /2bath (3rd.floor) $197.700
(10) 19-FF-12C GRAY CONSTRUCTION TO BE COMPLETED DURING THE SALE Zafiro 1 apart. 94.20m / 2-2 bedr. /2bath (3rd.floor) $265.600

TOTAL $1.635.700 - current discount 20% ($327.140 ) = $1.308.560 USD

Here a list of the sold units currently manage by the condominium association:
03-FF-3A 1 apart. 50.33m2-2 bedrooms SOLD
04-FF-4A 1 apart. 50.08m2-2 bedrooms SOLD
05-FF-5A 1 studio 32.83m2 SOLD
07-FF-2B 1 apart. 50.08m2-2 bedrooms (2nd.floor) SOLD
09-FF-2C 1 apart. 36.6m2-1 bedroom (1st.floor) SOLD
10-FF-3C 1 apart. 47.30m2-2 bedrooms (1st.floor) SOLD
11-FF-4C Jade 1 apart. 47.30m2-2 bedrooms (1st.floor) SOLD
14-FF-7C 1 apart. 36.6m2 -1 bedroom (2nd.floor) SOLD
15-FF-8C 1 apart. 47.30m2-2 bedrooms (2nd.floor) SOLD

Tamarindo has all the amenities of a Costa Rican beach town: surf, sand and sun, sun, sun. But it offers much more, to many more. It is the ideal place for honeymoons and weddings, couples, singles and families, and it's wonderfully suited to Eco-adventures. Tamarindo offers first class sport fishing, sailing, surfing, golfing, ATV tours, turtle watching, diving, horseback riding, canopy tours, jungle boat rides, beauty spa, art galleries, gift shops and more. A multi-cultural community, Tamarindo boasts several bakeries, an outdoors vegetable market and more than 40 restaurants. Whether you like to eat Vegetarian, 'Tipico' Costa Rican, Italian or Sea Food, it is all here. Accommodations are available for every budget, from luxurious beach-front hotel to all inclusive resorts to hostels.

The sun shines just about 365 days per year, and the temperature is pleasantly warm year round. In the rainy season, from May through October, you can expect a brief shower in the late afternoon, making the beach sparkle, and allowing for extraordinary sunsets.
The beach is a three and a half kilometer stretch of white sand and warm blue water. Tamarindo is surrounded by National Parks to its north and south, and mountains with breathtaking views to its east. Nature is abundant, Leatherback Turtles lay their eggs in the northern part of the bay, Howler Monkeys are heard and seen swinging on branches throughout Tamarindo. In some restaurants giant Iguanas will come up to your table expecting table scraps. In the late afternoons you can hear the parakeets screeching in the trees, preparing to settle down for the night.

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